Four reasons to work at ESBC Keystone

  1. ESBC Keystone Park is located on 95 Riverside Drive, an upscale region in Nairobi that is growing into a prime area for businesses which prefer to be situated in a tranquil yet sociable area, away from the bustling city. It offers an exclusive existence which these businesses want to be associated with.
  2. Just 1 Km from Westlands and 3 Km from the CBD, ESBC Keystone Park is in close proximity to various amenities such as shopping malls, restaurants and banks. It’s also within spitting distance of many blue chip companies’ and multinationals’ headquarters. It’s easily accessible from multiple locations by both public and private transportation.
  3. The Keystone office building, while in a very modern and commercial business style, also has a great feel of the outdoors as it is set up as a park. Lots of greenery and trees make for the very inspiring and productive environment in this park. ESBC’s offices in this park offer 1 – 8 work station offices and also the capacity to offer corporates their own independent workspace.
  4. ESBC Keystone is the 6th and newest facility in the ESBC network which means all the good things you have come to know and expect from us you will only get them 6 times better. Keystone will be 6 times smarter, more fun, more flexible, innovative and yet still allowing you access to the same East African footprint.
  5. As is the case in all our centres, ESBC Keystone comes with solutions that help meet the client’s future and present requirements. Our ultramodern facilities will aid in meeting their high-tech needs and at the same time offer support for their contemporary operations.

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